Success Story – Aaron, Iberia Bank

10.05.16 Success

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Success Story – Aaron, Iberia Bank

Graduate of Project SEARCH® Arkansas: ACCESS® Initiative

Meet Aaron, a graduate of UAMS Project SEARCH® and building a life with Autism. What was once a shy young man, is now a vibrant individual, someone that team at Iberia Bank’s Mailroom can count on. Aaron’s daily responsibilities include ensuring all items are properly sorted, packages are accounted for, and mail is en route to its appropriate destination.

According to Loretta, Aaron’s supervisor at Iberia Bank, Aaron has had a personal impact on so many of his fellow employees. “I love that kid,” beamed Loretta. “He has taught me so much about the potential of individuals with disabilities, particularly those on the spectrum. “He is accountable, determined, and always there if I need him.”

Aaron’s family has seen significant changes in Aaron since going through the Project SEARCH internship program and beginning his career with Iberia Bank. “He is more confident around strangers,” they explained, “and instead of avoidance behaviors, he holds eye contact, converses more easily, and is more comfortable with others.”

So, why should you hire an individual with a disability? According to Glen and Tamara Woodruff, Aaron’s parents, “You will earn a faithful, highly competent, productive, and grateful employee.”