Success Story – Liz, Embassy Suites

10.05.16 Success

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Success Story – Liz, Embassy Suites

Graduate of Project SEARCH® Arkansas: ACCESS Initiative®

Liz began Project SEARCH® as a withdrawn personality unwilling to engage individuals. She was living day-to-day with the struggles of Autism. Little did she know, her world was about to change. Liz entered the Project SEARCH internship, and she began to learn valuable social and work skills blossoming into a more focused and self-confident young woman.

As an employee of Embassy Suites, Liz has learned to engage with others, to push herself to keep going, and stay focused on her tasks at hand. Whether she is preparing housekeeping carts or making sure the facility is in tip-top shape, her newfound confidence gives her the determination to get things done.

“Liz had a strong desire to find meaningful work. She knew how unhappy she had been staying at home with no true direction,” recalled Liz’s mom Ann Hodges. “When she was hired, she shared with everyone ‘I have a job!’ She works very hard to complete her duties because she knows that other employees count on her.”

Hiring an employee with disabilities changes the lives of those individuals,” said Ann. “Other employees at the business are usually very supportive of the co-worker with a disability, and being a part of someone else’s success at work is generally rewarding for everyone involved.”